History of the Geneva Sports Hall of Fame Association

A number of sports enthusiasts formed a group to organize a "Hall of Fame" in 1988-89 to honor past Geneva athletes and to support present and future athletes. The Geneva Sports Hall of Fame Association came to fruition in June, 1989 with the election of officers and the establishment.of a Constitution and By-Laws.

Every 18 months the association holds an Awards Banquet to honor and induct into the "Hall of Fame" those athletes who meet the criteria established by the Board of Directors. To qualify, one must have attended Geneva or DeSales High School and displayed outstanding performance in said sport, or in college, or either on a professional or amateur basis. There is also a special category which includes someone, such as a coach, who did not attend Geneva or DeSales but had a significant impact on athletics in Geneva. Anyone may submit a nomination. All nominees must have graduated from high school at least ten (10) years ago. All candidates will be reviewed and voted upon by the Board of Directors by secret ballot. A nominee must receive a minimum of six votes and be named on at least 2/3rds of the ballots.

The Geneva Sports Hall of Fame Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to support and promote sports in this area, as well as the general welfare of this community.

At this time the association would like to thank Geneva High School, DeSales High School, YMCA, and Hobart and William Smith Colleges for their outstanding sports history. Over the years these institutions have produced stellar athletes that have brought fame and honor to Geneva. And, in a very real way we are honoring you... each year at our "Hall of Fame" Awards Banquet.